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I’m going to learn things, then share them here. It’s like a blog, but it’s not a blog. But it really is a blog.  Check here for the latest anything

What’s the latest


I’m making videos. 99% instructional, 1% dry humor. But I’m tedious; I should be able to show you how to. Step-by-step.

Go Learn


Build something to sell, start a business, find insurance, a location, raise a kid, and not annoy the wife, and work full time… 

Don’t do it

The Team

Jeremy Thompson



Minor League Dad-Bodder

Tom Angel


Lockheed infected

Grandaddy Machinist


There are a couple of years of electromechanical experience between these two.

With what little spare time in life we all have, it’s nice when we can find some help to speed up a DIY project.  Escape Autoworks will be videoing/blogging our every move (ok maybe not every move), and at some point building something useful for someone out there in the world.


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